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Lounge with large open fireplace


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Brandon House Coffee Lounge

At A Glance

Espresso  |  £2.50

The essence of coffee extracted into

a concentrated one ounce beverage


Cappucino  |  £2.50

Espresso combines with a velvety

foam of steamed and frothed milk.


Latte  |  £2.50

Combines with steamed milk, topped

with a small amount of milk foam.


Mocha  |  £2.95

Espresso with foamed milk and

chocolate syrup or powder added


Machiato  |  £2.50

A shot of espresso marked

with a dollop of foamed milk


Americano  |  £2.50

Espresso diluted (after brewing)

with an equal portion of hot water


Twinnings tea and hot chocolate

are also available in the lounge.

Coffee with friends and associates

Coffee O'Clock

Sit back and relax

Take a Seat

Hotel guests love our Coffee Lounge; it is perfect to meet with others and discuss the day, catch-up with email via the free WiFi or relax with a tea or coffee at the beginning and end of the day.




Refreshments From the Bar

We offer a wide range of alcholic beverages including Wines, Spirits, Lager, Cider and Real Ale.


Our selection of real Ale's are locally brewed, less than a mile from the hotel, at Brandon Brewery and they include the popular Rusty Bucket and Saxon.


On draft you will find Suffolk's award winning cider Aspall, served in its unique glassware.


Relax and enjoy a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio or White Zinfandel. Alternatively you could enjoy a heartwarming glass of red like a Rioja or Shiraz.


Our soft drinks include Coca-Cola, lemonade, J20, Appletizer, Redball, Tonic and Fruit Juices suches as Apple and Orange.


Bar Snack

We offer a selection of bar snacks including snack size pots of Pringles and packets of Nobby's Nuts.




Take a seat and someone will be right with you...

Brandon House Coffee Lounge

Warm and welcoming, a place to relax and have a coffee or sandwich, log-on and check the mail.

If you have a casual business meeting arrange it here and enjoy the service.

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